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Dear Stakeholders and Colleagues,

Since our inception in the flat steel industry with the establishment of Erdoğan Metal company in 1987, we take great pride in our ongoing commitment to delivering products and services that bring value to our region and country. As a group that indirectly impacts a wide array of sectors, particularly the steel and construction industries, we are excited to share our journey.

Throughout this 36-year odyssey, our company has consistently striven for growth, taking measured steps at every juncture. With the dedication, diligence, and support of our esteemed colleagues, we have made substantial contributions to Turkey’s steel and construction sectors. Since 1993, we have initiated and operated 8 distinct production facilities and, in certain instances, transferred some of them to different investors, laying the foundation for new successes in their respective sectors.

It’s worth noting that the iron and steel as well as the construction sectors have always been the two most rapidly affected by the adverse events taking place both in our country and globally. As part of Erdoğan Metal Group of Companies, we too have weathered challenging periods during these industry downturns. Regrettably, we were not immune to the impact of the 2008 and 2018 crises, marked by sharp declines in iron and steel commodity prices across the country, coupled with significant increases in exchange rates. However, we successfully maintained growth momentum within our companies even during these demanding times. After 2018, we restored our growth trajectory to meet our targeted levels through prudent financial and strategic decisions.

In response to the global COVID-19 pandemic that swept across the world in 2020, we promptly initiated digital transformation measures to mitigate its impact. After the pandemic, we got through this process quickly and unscathed by increasing our stocks and expanding our steel service infrastructure with capitalizing on the tendency of the European market to increase the flat steel import volume through our country.

Recognizing the escalating costs due to the energy crisis associated with global warming and climate change, the effects of which we feel much more day by day after 2021, we made a strategic decision to invest in renewable energy systems. In 2022, we successfully completed the installation of rooftop solar power plants at our Ereğli and Payas factories and put them into operation.

The year 2023 began with what is now referred to as the “Disaster of the Century,” a catastrophic earthquake that inflicted immense suffering on our country and directly impacted 11 of our provinces. In response, we dispatched our aid vehicles and personnel to the region, extending support to the affected employees at our Payas factory in Hatay, as well as their families, our stakeholders in the area, and all those in need whom we could reach. While we were grieving the pain of the earthquake, we also witnessed how strong our national unity and solidarity was in the affected areas. My heartfelt prayers are that our nation will never have to endure such an anguish again, and I hope that comprehensive measures will be implemented to prevent the adverse effects of any future natural disasters.

As we approach the end of 2023, we remain committed to the continual enhancement of our corporate structure and the elevation of the working and living standards of our colleagues. Our unwavering goals include fostering their peace and happiness, nurturing their loyalty, and sustaining their sense of belonging to our companies. We are determined to carry forward this journey that commenced 36 years ago by increasing our activities and expanding our commercial scope, prioritizing production, exports, and employment.

As Erdoğan Metal Group of Companies, we always look ahead with optimism, considering the future of our country and nation. Alongside our valued stakeholders and employees, we persistently take steel steps towards future with our desires of a peaceful, robust, and prosperous Türkiye.

Kind regards,


Erdoğan Metal Chairman